The New Way to

Who We Are

What is art without fun?

A brilliant piece of painting, however heavenly it may be in the eyes of critics, does it really possess any value if ‘the mango man’ (the common man) can’t appreciate it, even worse can’t relate to it.

At MaujArt our intention is not to be the next ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ (painter of ‘Rose’) or ‘Leonard Da Vinci’ (for ‘Monalisa’), but to create art works which entertain everyone. Be it a simple painting or a moderately complex craft work, like our mascot, we strive to bring smile on our patrons face through the emotional and the artistic value thats attached to it.

And our mascot is not just a clown. He is ‘the Mozart of art’.

There comes MaujArt. Art for fun. Art for you.

Our History